On 15-5-2014 17:56, Anish wrote:
> Hi Andriy,
>  Thanks for your interest in SVM port of bhyve. I do have patch to sync it
> to http://svnweb.freebsd.org/base?view=revision&revision=263780(3/26). If
> patches looks good to you, we can submit it. I have been testing it on
> Phenom box which lacks some of newer SVM features.


With this patchset I see inb(0x40) calls coming thru to the bhyve VM,
where I would expect them to stay down in the VMM dev-driver and emulate
the vatpit for that VM.

default_inout: port 64, in, bytes 1
default_inout: port 64, in, bytes 1
default_inout: port 67, out, bytes 1

Any particular reason that the IO for that register is not intercepted
and ends up in userspace?

Any suggestions what to watch for?
Not really strong in debuging kernel modules.



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