Bartek Rutkowski wrote:

> I am happy to look at updating the virt-manager - any chance you could
> point me to what from the below list was the dependency causing
> issues?
> dbus>=0.83.2
> libxml2>=2.7.8
> virtinst>=0.600.4
> vte>=0.26.2
> gtk-vnc>=0.3.10
> librsvg2>=2.32.1
> libvirt>=0


I've looked at updating it to 1.0.1. Apparently, everything seemed
to work fine, either something was updated since I've looked at it last
time or I missed something. :-)

Could you please review it:

I did a basic testing and it seemed to work fine.

I haven't yet backported my patch from the git master to add 'bhyve'
into menu list, but one could still connect using:

$ virt-manager -c "bhyve+ssh://root@localhost/system"

Roman Bogorodskiy

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