Hi Arthur,

I noticed that userboot doesn't contain inb()/outb() bindings:

from loader(8):
      inb (port -- char)
                     Reads a byte from a port.

      outb (port char --)
                     Writes a byte to a port.

Yet, manual page for bhyveload(8) claims:

      bhyveload is based on loader(8) and will present an interface identical
      to the FreeBSD loader on the user's terminal.

Is there any interest in adding this functionality?

It won't work for bhyveload/userboot - the VM isn't actually running at that point so there's nowhere for the commands to go.

I also don't think these commands are supported on non-x86 loaders either, so it could be claimed an issue with the man page :) I can put some text in the bhyveload man page to indicate that not all x86 commands are supported (smap, pnpscan etc).

 Were you looking at using inb/outb for anything in particular ?



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