On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 02:20:19PM -0700, Peter Grehan wrote:
>   It won't work for bhyveload/userboot - the VM isn't actually running 
> at that point so there's nowhere for the commands to go.

Interesting. Is it really the case that inb/outb need to go through VM?

>   I also don't think these commands are supported on non-x86 loaders 
> either, so it could be claimed an issue with the man page :) I can put 
> some text in the bhyveload man page to indicate that not all x86 
> commands are supported (smap, pnpscan etc).

That's probably true.

>   Were you looking at using inb/outb for anything in particular ?

We're reading/writing x86-specific attributes such as
nextboot,bootcause,etc to RTC memory..


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