On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 11:01 AM, Nikolay Denev <nde...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've started playing around with Bhyve and I've noticed that I can't
> talk from the host to the virt and vice versa.
> At the same time the virt can talk to the bridged subnet.
> My setup is pretty simple, FreeBSD 10-STABLE (about two week old
> build), with two bce(4) interfaces in lagg0 interface.
> Then I have bridge0 and the virt's tap0 interface joined in the bridge
> with lagg0.
> IP address is on lagg0.
> When I try to ping the virt from the host, tcpdump on vtnet0 shows
> incoming icmp echo requests,
> but no response. tcpdump shows bad checksums, netstat -s shows "bad
> header checksums" incrementing.
> Packes from the virt to the host seem ok, as I can try to ping from
> the virt, and I see the icmp echo req, and the reply coming back, but
> the reply is broken in this case so ping does not succeed.
> --Nikolay

So removing bridge/lagg out of the equation and configuring IP on tap0
on the host and
another IP from the same subnet ot vtnet0 on the virt it works.

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