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Author: grehan
Date: Thu Sep 18 19:20:09 UTC 2014
New revision: 271800

  MFC nmdm driver changes, r259550 and r271350

  r259550 (glebius):
   Make nmdm(4) destroy devices when both sides of a pair are disconnected.
   This makes it possible to kldunload nmdm.ko when there are no users of it.

   Fix issue with nmdm and leading zeros in device name.

   The nmdm code enforces a number between the 'nmdm' and 'A|B' portions
   of the device name. This is then used as a unit number, and sprintf'd
   back into the tty name. If leading zeros were used in the name,
   the created device name is different than the string used for the
   clone-open (e.g. /dev/nmdm0001A will result in /dev/nmdm1A).

   Since unit numbers are no longer required with the updated tty
   code, there seems to be no reason to force the string to be a
   number. The fix is to allow an arbitrary string between
   'nmdm' and 'A|B', within the constraints of devfs names. This allows
   all existing user of numeric strings to continue to work, and also
   allows more meaningful names to be used, such as bhyve VM names.

  PR:    192281
  Approved by:    re (glebius)

_U  stable/10/

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