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I have a few bhyve instances running that all seem to have a higher load
average than what would seem normal for a system that is idle.


last pid:  6109;  load averages:  0.41,  0.38,  0.39    up 1+14:27:48


I think this has been covered on other lists - and is apparently "normal" (i.e. cosmetic).

I've installed a number of FBSD10 boxes recently, and they all seem to idle at around that (even when doing absolutely nothing) - I did post about it and was told it was just cosmetic... It certainly seems to be cosmetic.

If it's the same issue - I'd guess it's not bhyve related...

last pid: 1294; load averages: 0.42, 0.32, 0.27 up 1+20:44:55 11:47:16
18 processes:  1 running, 17 sleeping
CPU:  0.0% user,  0.0% nice,  0.0% system,  0.1% interrupt, 99.9% idle

That's from a bare metal amd64 10.0-RELEASE-p9 box with no services / users on it.

Thinking about it - we had the same 'symptom' on a Xen based FBSD 10 box as well...


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