Hello list,

I have a machine that runs virtualbox guests currently. I have read elsewhere 
that vbox and bhyve don't play well together, but that was a while ago, and 
it seemed only on some chipsets. Is this still the case?

The problem I'm having is, when trying bhyve, the installed instance boots 
etc and I can log into it from the host but I have no outside connectivity
from the guest. Ping gives 'no route to host' yet route add default
(my_router_ip) shows my default gateway in the routing table. I have 
followed the steps here: 
setting up the host and the guest.

Is the problem because of virtualbox? If it is, will unloading the
vbox modules with kldunload fix this? If it has nothing to do with
vbox, what else can I check?

The host runs 10.1-RC2 #0 r272898 and the guest is 10.1-RC1 #0 r272463

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