On 10/14/14 22:35, Peter Grehan wrote:
> Hi Pete,
>>     10. Add filters for popular VM file formats (VMDK, VHD, QCOW2)
>> i have some .vmdk files for systems currently running VirtualBox i would
>> like to port to bhyve.  i also have a box running bhyve (10.1-rc2) that
>> i can test patches and workflows as well.  what is the work required for
>> this entail?
>  What you have to do today is to convert the VMDK to a flat file, e.g.
> using qemu-img.

ok great - installing qemu-devel on my system and running the following
command worked great:

qemu-img convert -f vmdk -O raw foo.vmdk foo.img

i tested this by taking a current .vmdk file from my workstation i do
development and copied it over to my new bhyve hypervisor.

this may be a good candidate for addition to wiki.freebsd.org/bhyve -
i'll go ahead and add this if no one objects.

>  Ideally bhyve would be able to read/write VM file formats directly,
> perhaps with some sort of filter on top of the existing file backend
> code. There's plenty of GPL code around for this, but bhyve requires
> code with a BSD license.

thanks for the info on that - i unfortunately that is beyond my
bandwidth/techinical capabilities at this point.  i'd love to help test
code out to do this once that day comes.


Pete Wright
twitter => @nomadlogicLA

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