On 22-10-2014 2:20, John wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 01:55:26PM -0700, Neel Natu wrote:
>> If you are comfortable sharing your disk image then I can try to
>> reproduce locally and hopefully get a better grip on what's happening.
> That's very nice of you to offer, but I have to decline as I don't own
> the data. I think I might have sorted it in any case. I was thrown by 
> the login prompt not appearing in the console. 
> Really pleased with the performance of ubuntu on bhyve. It doesn't impact
> much on the host either. 

Why not boot the system, and look in the grub config.
And fix the code there by removing most of the graphics code.

Or for testing, edit the grub boot line from within grub itself while
Then you will know if this is the problem, but from old experience
trying to get all the linuxcees running in AMD, I think I ran into this
as well.

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