Hi Craig,

On Oct 30, 2014, at 19:39, Craig Rodrigues <rodr...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 1:32 PM, Susan Stanziano <susan.stanzi...@xinuos.com
>> wrote:
>> I have a system installed with releng10.1 (with tests configured) and am
>> trying to create a VM under Bhyve.
>> I want to know which image to use for the VM install, specifically will
>> the :
>> FreeBSD-10.1-RC3-amd64-bootonly.iso
>> install with the /usr/tests directory created? Or, should I use
>> FreeBSD-10.1-RC3-amd64-disc1.iso ?
> Hi Susan,
> I'm not sure why Garrett felt it was necessary to redirect you
> to the freebsd-virtualization list.   Although you are using bhyve,
> there is nothing specific to bhyve in your questions.  No harm done,
> though, since I'm on both lists, and will answer your questions.

Thank you for CCing -virtualization.

The reason why I requested that Susan email that list directly is that this 
email (and the new email thread that followed it, to a lesser degree) are 
asking BHyVE specific questions, so I thought that it would be best for Susan 
to email the appropriate mailing list, so the right parties are involved in 
helping out with her support questions, to make it easy to search for solutions 
to this issue (or questions similar to this) in the future, and to make sure 
that folks on -testing aren’t emailed with -virtualization questions (I use 
VMware, not BHyVE, so the questions/answers are less pertinent to me at least).

> FreeBSD 10.1 does not have /usr/tests populated by default.


Could you please document the steps you provided in the reply on the wiki?

Thank you!

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