Hi John-Mark,

Where those should be in the aesni.ko module...  If I run kgdb on a
local machine, it properly finds the kernel modules... Any hits on
how to fix this?

 To add to Julian's reply, there's also some info in the thread starting at


Also, any plans to support the Z2 write-watchpoint packet?

(kgdb) watch *(char *)0xfffff80002919708
Hardware watchpoint 1: *(char *) 18446735277659625224
(kgdb) c
Can't clear hardware watchpoints without the 'Z2' (write-watchpoint) packet

You'd have to write some code to glue the MI gdb/gdb_main.c packet handler to the routines in ddb/db_watch.c. (I'm sure this exists somewhere out there - certainly did at my previous workplace).

If you want to take that on, we can do the other piece which is to context-switch the debug registers on guest entry/exit.



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