On 2014-11-20 01:40, Ilya Larin wrote:
> Hi! 
> I know, that bhyve support AMD processors from version r273375..
> I have processor, that support RVI and Freebsd-10.1 (release).
> So.. How to update (patch/rebuild/something else) bhyve to r2773375 on my 
> fresh freebsd 10.1? Is it possible? 
> I just want to install several virtual freebsd )) 
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> With respect, Ilya
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Currently, you would have to upgrade to running FreeBSD 11-CURRENT
rather than 10.1-RELEASE to get that feature. Eventually, once the
feature is considered stable, it will be merged back to FreeBSD
10-STABLE (what will eventually be 10.2 some day).

This section of the handbook describes the steps required to upgrade
your system to FreeBSD 11-CURRENT:


Allan Jude

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