On 12/9/14, 7:44 AM, Pete Wright wrote:

On 12/08/14 15:30, Craig Rodrigues wrote:
   (3)  When you want to backup the VM, do a "zfs snapshot" take take a
snapshot of the ZFS zvol.
will this ensure that your zvol is consistent, or rather will the
filesystem overlaid on the zvol device be ensured it is consistent when
the hypervisor issues a snapshot command?

it's been a while since i've done this - but IIRC on NetApp WAFL systems
(which are similar to zfs in terms of being a COW filesystem) you need
to ensure the guest filesystem is in a consistent state before issuing a
snapshot from it's parent.

my data may be out of date since it's been several years since i've done
this though...
there are three layers to consider.
The client must have layed down a consistent set of blocks.
Bhyve needs to have written them all to the file in question.
The Host needs to have made sure that they are all consistent on the media.


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