Thanks, Neel, 

Thats a simple solution - I'll try it out. 

Are these patch fixes advertised in some way to the freebsd world? just want to 
know if there's a place to check before reporting a problem. 

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Hi Susan, 

On Tue, Dec 9, 2014 at 5:05 PM, Susan Stanziano 
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> Hello, 
> Craig suggested that I send this question to this mail alias: 
> A couple of comments after creating VM's and using the in 
> /usr/share/examples/bhyve/ 
> 1) I know you can't run two VM's at the same time with the same vmname, but 
> the error message from bhyveload is not informative to a new user: 
> bhyveload: could not open "vmname" 
> 2) The solution with the multiple use of a vmname seems to be that after 
> issues the bhyvectl --destroy command, if there was a "sleep 1" 
> added, giving time for the destroy, the error message from bhyveload wouldn't 
> have to happen. 
> What do you think? 

I think the issue you are hinting at is that if /dev/vmm/testvm exists 
there isn't a reliable way to know whether or not 'testvm' is actually 
"running". There is no good way to fix this until we get to a single 
process model. 

However, you know for sure that if '/dev/vmm/testvm' does not exist 
then it is also not running. 

So, perhaps the following patch fixes your problem: 


> Thanks, 
> Susan Stanziano 
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