Hi Andrea,

Assertion failed: (aior != NULL), function ahci_handle_dma, file
/usr/src/usr.sbin/bhyve/pci_ahci.c, line 494.

 Ok - this should result in the bhyve process exiting.

Now the VM is totally hang. Trying to kill bhyve doesn’t work, not
even kill -9. I tries do to do a bhyvectl —destroy and the VM
disappeared from /dev/vmm but I am strongly uncomfortable with what
to do now. The process is still there. Can I restart the VM?

 It should be fine to restart after a bhyvectl --destroy

This is the state of the process:
> 91715 100246 bhyve blk-2:0 7 121 stop getblk

This seems to be the culprit. What's the version of FreeBSD running on the host ?

tychon@ did quite a bit of work recently on making the block layer more robust in the face of guest controller timeouts. This made it in to CURRENT as of r274330, and was MFCd to 10-STABLE with r276429. That change may help with your issue.


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