Hello Peter.

The host is a FreeBSD 10.1-p3.

I tried to restart the VM, but it hung after bhyveload.

I had to reboot the physical host and what's worst is that the MySQL instance 
inside of the VM was trashed. Luckily I has backups.

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> On 07/gen/2015, at 18:45, Peter Grehan <gre...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> Hi Andrea,
>> Assertion failed: (aior != NULL), function ahci_handle_dma, file
>> /usr/src/usr.sbin/bhyve/pci_ahci.c, line 494.
> Ok - this should result in the bhyve process exiting.
>> Now the VM is totally hang. Trying to kill bhyve doesn’t work, not
>> even kill -9. I tries do to do a bhyvectl —destroy and the VM
>> disappeared from /dev/vmm but I am strongly uncomfortable with what
>> to do now. The process is still there. Can I restart the VM?
> It should be fine to restart after a bhyvectl --destroy
>> This is the state of the process:
> ...
> > 91715 100246 bhyve blk-2:0 7 121 stop getblk
> This seems to be the culprit. What's the version of FreeBSD running on the 
> host ?
> tychon@ did quite a bit of work recently on making the block layer more 
> robust in the face of guest controller timeouts. This made it in to CURRENT 
> as of r274330, and was MFCd to 10-STABLE with r276429. That change may help 
> with your issue.
> later,
> Peter.
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