On 2015-01-05 9:41, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:
On 2015-01-05 0:28, Peter Grehan wrote:
Hi Willem,

Would it it be possible in the meantime to enhance grub2-bhyve with the
same possibility as bhyve itself has for the console?

So I can redirect grub screen access to /dev/nmdm12041, and one can even
use this channel to see the grubscreen during rebooting.

Or if it is not that hard, give some pointers to write it myself.

  Conrad contributed this to grub-bhyve with

  It's available in v0.30 which has been in ports for a while now:



Did miss that, I guess.
I'll upgrade my bhyve-grub.

Yup, works really nice.

Now in a continuance from this...

What is the easiest way to "propagate" the full-duplex tty stream from a SSH-login to a /dev/nmdmXXXXA.

This will give easy access to the console screens.

one would type:
        ssh -p XXXX user@management-ip
and end up at the console on /dev/nmdmxxxxA

Currently I'm using tip for this, but that also requires hacking new VMs into /etc/remote.

So a very basic TIP, without the serial/ACU/speed stuff, would really be useful. Preferably all signals are sent thru as well. And if this might not be 100% secure, it would require an ssh-jailed setup. A bit like sftp.

hints and or suggestion welcome.


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