Hi Philipp,

I then try to bind the controller to the VM using the bhyve command
option "-s 7,passthru,7/0/0". The loader starts but then bhyve exits with:

"Unsupported MSI-X configuration: 7/0/0"

This error message is when bhyve sees the MSI-x table and PBA (pending bit-array) regions being in the same physical page.

 It's perhaps overly cautious since we don't implement the PBA in any case.

 Would you be willing to try a patch that relaxes that check ?

Another option for bhyve is to hide the MSI-x capability from the guest, which should hopefully fall back to using MSI.

Is there anything similar with bhyve to get the controller working or
should I start hunting for a different controller that might work as on
the VMware mailinglist suggested?

Any suggestions for known to be working USB Controllers with bhyve and
PCI passthrough?

I've not tried with any discrete cards, but any XHCI controller that has the table and PBA regions either in separate BARs or not in the same 4K region (recommended behaviour in the PCIe spec) should be fine.



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