On 02/22/2015 11:45, Peter Grehan wrote:
> Hi Rich,
>> I am using FreeBSD 11 CURRENT r278872.
>> I have an OpenBSD 5.7 beta image that was running on VirtualBox.
>> I converted the vdi image using qemu-img.
>> When I boot the OpenBSD with Bhyve I notice that the boot drive is
>> not recognized the same as in VirtualBox.
>> VirtualBox -  wd0a
>> Bhyve  - sd0a
>> I have to manually enter sda0 during the boot process.
>> The OpenBSD slices are recognized and booting continues.
>> I see:
>> starting local daemons: cron.
>> Then the date.
>> At that point OpenBSD appears hung.
>  To add to Allan's note
>  - you'll have to edit /etc/ttys to enable getty on the serial port.
> This is done by default by the OpenBSD installer on bhyve since it
> has a serial console by default, but not on VBox/VMWare/etc that
> have a video console
> +tty00   "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600"   vt220    on secure
> -tty00   "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600"   unknown off
>  - sd0 can be selected as the boot disk from the grub-bhyve comand
> line e.g.
>   kopenbsd -h com0 -r sd0a /bsd
> later,
> Peter.
Thank you for the information.  I now have 5.7 OpenBSD running in Bhyve.
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