Hi Julian,

Thank you for your explanation and tips, Peter.  I just tried changing
virtio-blk -> ahci-hd and preliminary results are good.  And now you've
mentioned it, I do recall seeing slightly less performance degradation
on guests with 2 vCPUs vs. ones with just one.

 Glad to hear that :)

Try using the -W option to bhyve. This will force the bhyve virtio
code to advertize (non-standard) MSI interrupt capability which OpenBSD
will then use to allocate vectors.

Unfortunately -W didn't help.  This is not critical, however, and I'll
ask around in the OpenBSD mailing list.

I tried this out today with OpenBSD 5.7 and a CURRENT host, and it's actually a bug in the virtio-rnd implementation in bhyve when MSI-x isn't used. The early testing was with FreeBSD and Linux which both use MSI-x so wasn't picked up for the MSI/legacy case.

I have a fix for CURRENT and that should make it's way into 10-stable shortly.

 Thanks for the report !



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