Hi all,

first please excuse if this may be a FAQ, but even though I am a long
time linux admin (~1996), I am quite new to the *BSD world and I am
trying to evaluate if FreeBSD fits our virtualization needs.

So, for my many questions:

As far as my homework digging revealed, FreeBSD supports four hypervisors:

* bhyve
* VirtualBox

I understand, that bhyve is native to BSD and will probably be the most
effective. But given its relatively 'young age', is it production ready
for (non nested) x86/amd64 linux guests?

While I know the differences between KVM, QEMU and VirtualBox quite well
for myself under linux, how do they compare when being run on FreeBSD?
For example, KVM is tightly integrated with the linux kernel and thus
outperforms the other two. Is that still true under FreeBSD?

Do the FreeBSD ports of QEMU and/or KVM support ARM guests?

For KVM guests, are the virtio features working (like memory ballooning)?

Right now, we are virtualizing mostly using linux+KVM. Will there be
major differences (aka glitches ;) if we switch the host OS to FreeBSD
for existing KVM guests?



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