On 01/04/2015 18:51, Roger Pau Monné wrote:
> El 01/04/15 a les 17.28, Gustau Pérez ha escrit:
>  >    Hi Roger,
>>    I'm trying to build xen-tools in my laptop. It runs this:
>>                 FreeBSD portgus 11.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT #4
>> r279875+f0e745a(HEAD): Sat Mar 14 16:55:11 CET 2015
>>    the build was done with gcc48, instead of 4.7 (but I think it has
>> nothing to do with the problem) fails with the following error:
>>                 http://pastebin.com/ShDnjLb1c
> The paste seems to be gone :(. Can you upload it again?

   Hi all,

   I found the source of the problem. Once upon a time I compiled my
kernel with OFED support (WITH_OFED in /etc/src.conf). That installed
$INCLUDE/rdma/rdma_cma.h, which at the time of the installation (haven't
checked now) were missing the rdma_addrinfo structs.

   Moving the $INCLUDE/rdma dir somewhere allowed the build to finish.

   Thanks for your help and great contribution!


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