I've recently tried to experiment with vmware esxi 6 + vmworkstation and I
managed to get nested virtualization with freebsd guest and nested bhyve
ubuntu VM working. However, the networking doesn't seem to come up properly
while installing, and post install for the ubuntu VM.

The bridged networking works as expected with freebsd guests and other
network nodes on the network. However, the nested VMs themselves can't seem
to bring up networking properly.

lspci seems to bring up the virtio network device, but even configuring
static ips doesn't help. The VM is not able to receive or route any packets
from any VM

FreeBSD guest can ssh into the nested VM. The nested VM can ssh into
freebsd guest.  The nested VM cannot contact internet or local gateway.
Tried with E1000 and VMXNET 2. Computers on network can ssh into freebsd
guest. The freebsd guest can ssh into other computers on the network.
Computers on the network cannot contact the VM. The vmware host cannot
contact the nested VM or vice versa.

Any tips to getting this to work?

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