This is a little long story... We have one product based on FreeBSD, and 
someones thought it is difficult to deploy on some popular clouds, especially 
in China, such as QingCloud and Aliyun, all provide Linux and Windows images 
but not FreeBSD.

First I tried on QingCloud, who uses KVM, and FreeBSD can run, but it failed to 
be saved as an image. From the communication with QingCloud engineers, I knew 
they use guestfs and can not recognize UFS filesystem.

Several days ago, I tried Aliyun, who use Xen. FreeBSD can run also, and can 
also be saved as an image, but VM provisioning failed. Their engineer told me 
that the file system has been changed and can not work.

Later I tried to make a dual OS image, with 2GB Ubuntu on ext2 as the first MBR 
primary partition, and the second one as FreeBSD, VM provisioning can work now.

I believe the ext2 partition can be reduced, but it must be very careful to not 
break VM provisioning.

Both QingCloud and Aliyun use the technology to write the initial 
configurations to guest file system during VM provisioning, the difference is 
QingCloud do checks when saving images, and Aliyun not. I am planning to try 
QingCloud again with the dual OS solution.

We have also built an internal channel with Aliyun guys recently, but they did 
not tell the release date for FreeBSD support (business reason maybe).

Gavin Mu

> On May 31, 2015, at 23:41, Julian Elischer <> wrote:
>> On 5/31/15 6:06 PM, Gavin Mu wrote:
>> They use guestfs to do VM provisioning, and FreeBSD support is not ready to 
>> public yet.
>> If FreeBSD must be used, one workaround is to keep the first MBR partition 
>> as Linux ext2, and write some scripts to read configurations from Linux.
> thanks..
> Firstly, How do you know this? (I don't disbelieve it, I just want to know 
> where you learned this information so I can look there too for more 
> information).
> Secondly, is your comment "is not ready to public yet" talking about  guestfs 
> or aliyun? and can you expand on "yet"?
> Julian
>> Regards,
>> Gavin Mu
>>> On May 31, 2015, at 13:43, Julian Elischer <> wrote:
>>> Aliyun cloud is alibaba's amazon cloud competitor. Also uses Xen.
>>> They offer Linux and windows of course but nothing in FreeBSD.
>>> Has anyone looked at it?  It's coming up with $JOB as a question vs FreeBSD.
>>> Julian
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