On 2015-06-02 07:20, Andriy Gapon wrote:
> I am very new to bhyve, so sorry if I am asking something silly or obvious.
> I am using bhyve to speed up my testing and it seems that each time I need to
> restart a VM I need to go through the cycle of destroying it with bhyvectl
> --destroy, then re-loading a kernel with bhyveload and then actually booting 
> the
> VM with bhyve.  It seems that I have to do this even if I don't change th 
> kernel
> between reboots.  My first naive impression was that the point of bhyveload 
> was
> to load the kernel once.  Seems it ain't so?

Are you running -CURRENT, 10-STABLE, or 10.1?

I think there was talk recently of removing the requirement to destroy
the VM before running bhyveload again.

Allan Jude

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