Hi Andriy,

This is what happens if I create and run a VM by using grub-bhyve and bhyve,
then exit from the VM via shutdown -r within it, and then try to run it again by
using grub-bhyve and bhyve:

Assertion failed: (error == 0), function fbsdrun_addcpu, file
/usr/src/usr.sbin/bhyve/bhyverun.c, line 261

grub-bhyve apparently succeeds, but bhyve can't start up.
Both invocation of bhyve are with "-c 1".

 This was fixed in grub2-bhyve upstream with


I'm gathering a few more fixes before doing a point release of grub2-bhyve, at which point the FreeBSD port will be updated.

You'll need to do a 'bhyvectl --destroy' until then, or build grub2-bhyve from upstream.



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