Hi John-Mark,

After first figuring out that the README on github doesn't include that
you need to include the boot device to load the files from

You can pass "-r <bootdev>" on the grub2 command line to specify what the default device should be (it is "(host)" if not overridden).

  e.g. for your netbsd command-line, this would be

  # grub-bhyve -r cd0 -m dev.map nbsd615

I finally got kopenbsd and knetbsd loading, but when I run boot, it just drops
me to a prompt w/o doing anything.

This is the same behaviour as bhyveload. You then need to invoke bhyve after the loader to start the VM.

So, kernels are loading fine, just things crash when trying to run
them...  FreeBSD VM's run fine...

 What's the symptom of the crash ?



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