> On Aug 8, 2015, at 2:29 AM, Chad J. Milios <mil...@ccsys.com> wrote:
> Pipe name servers to resolvconf rather than write them to resolv.conf
> bsd-cloudinit needs to work properly with local resolvers e.g. unbound and 
> solve other side effects
> https://github.com/pellaeon/bsd-cloudinit/pull/18
> Call for expertise:
> I need help, I fear this patch is either horribly under-thought because I 
> don’t know the particular landscape of OpenStack or it’s perfect and a 
> testament to the beauty of BSD unix. Are there corner cases I’m not 
> considering? Is the contextual code used in a chroot somewhere that I’m not 
> using, in an ‘offline' mode where we can’t run a pipe to this program instead 
> of simple write to a file?
> Why now?:
> We need this very important fix to make it out soon, as people will be 
> rolling their new 10.2 images very very soon to be committed to their 
> deployment image repos in all those pesky little one off dev ops systems in 
> the wild that seem to set in stone or at least something like north canada 
> winter pine sap. This bug is particularly hard to update between major cycles 
> and it makes a sticky messy smudge for adoption on otherwise smooth solid 
> offerings with FreeBSD cloud platform so hopefully we can get some discussion 
> and review and consensus on this pull request here and get the port updated 
> too and everything if necessary so when people start getting their 
> 10.2-RELEASEs and pulling the pkgs and ports tree, whatever branch that may 
> be back ported or whatever, they need to get this important low level thing 
> right about hooking into their cloud infrastructure from the jump.
> This fix has worked great for me but my testing and use case is limited and 
> very center of road. Help this guy out he’s already testing and needs to hear 
> what you think too. Package builders, image rollers and big cloud platform 
> engineers or virtual appliance builders all take note of this bug and make 
> sure your BSDs runs right in the cloud when you know you want to use a local 
> validating resolver and think you are doing so securely with local trust and 
> performance
> Thank you so much everyone for your time and consideration.
> Chad J. Milios

Sorry to reply again so fast but just remembered very important, chime in if 
you’re still running 8.4 and you like to do it on OpenStack because this patch 
needs to become more complicated to keep working on 8.4 and that’s currently 
beyond me. So if you don’t want to be forced onto 9.x just yet on OpenStack 
well then speak now and we’ll make sure it keeps working or else forever hold 
your peace.
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