I've just added patches that enable live migration, save and restore
support to the Xen packages in ports:


This enables live migration and save/restore of HVM and PV guests from a
FreeBSD/Xen PVH Dom0. Remember that in order to use live migration
between hosts the hard drive of the guest must be shared (eg: NFS).

A couple of notes below on it's usage:

I'm not a sysadmin, but save and restore can be used in conjunction with
ZFS snapshots in order to perform checkpoints of guests:

# xl save -p <domain> domain.checkpoint1
# zfs snapshot <path/to/zvol>@checkpoint1
# xl unpause <domain>

This will result in a save file and a ZFS snapshot that can easily be
used to restore the VM to a previous known state.

It should also be possible to migrate guests between a Linux and a
FreeBSD Dom0 (provided there's a common shared disk storage), but I have
not tested it.

NB: if you don't have two hosts but still want to test it, you can do it

# xl migrate <domain> localhost

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