On 11-10-2015 19:43, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> Hello,
> Here at Norse we are using bhyve to run our appliance in a test
> environment.
> We have a need for a test network to be made on demand, so this weekend
> I took some time and wrote a tool that allows you to specify a topology
> of bridges and taps that you can then use to create your virtual network.
> In our case our test servers have a bridge0 that is static and bridges
> to our private test network.  However we also need a bridge to be
> dynamically that we will generate traffic over in isolation. We then
> need taps created and "assigned" or labeled properly for our QA suite to
> attach to our VMs properly.
> We then also need the ability to query the topology and emit the correct
> taps to assign to each vm.
> Finally we need the ability to tear down the virtual network once it's
> no longer needed.
> This tool provides all three functions.
> The tool is available here:
> https://github.com/splbio/netmanager
> Comments, pull requests and questions are welcome.

Sounds like cool stuff....

This should fit nicely into what is now fashionably called SDN...
Now I got to figure out a way to glue this to my home-grown vmrun.sh stuff.

And the ultimate step could be to see if it matches the things that
openstack trieds to do for networking.

Looking at it right away. But seems that it is getting harder and harder
not to want to understand/write python.


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