On 2015-10-21 23:15, Peter Grehan wrote:
Hi Cory,

`dmesg` prints a message saying that VT-x is "disabled by BIOS" (I
passed -L and -bios pointed at OVMF just in case it was a strange
SEABIOS compile option) to no change. -cpu is set to host, I have also
tried passing -cpu qemu64,+vmx manually to no change.

 That's not strictly true, and in this case harmless. I'll make sure
that is fixed.

Ahhh.  Yeah - misleading errors are annoying!

Oct 14 06:13:19  kernel: vmx_init: processor does not support desired
basic capabilities

 bhyve expects that the CPU supports INS/OUTS exits. This is signalled
in bit 54 of the VMX_BASIC MSR. I'll have a talk with Neel about the
implications of ignoring this bit.

Hmm.  Does Linux KVM ignore it?

(does -host not emulate all MSRs?)



Cory Smelosky
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