The -S option will force allocation of guest memory (required by
passthru). Is there 1G of free mem available on the machine when
grub-bhyve was run ?

Hi, thanks for the response. Yes, the machine had something like 6GB
free (not including cache/buf). I also tried running grub-bhyve with
smaller memory values down to and including 32MB (just to see if it
would work, not because I expect my VM to run with that), and without
a -M flag (which, IIRC, defaults to 256MB). I always got the same

I can get that error if vmm.ko isn't loaded, but in that case the bhyvectl command would also error out and it doesn't appear to in your case.

Some questions: Is this on FreeBSD CURRENT ? Does grub-bhyve work without the -S option ? Or, with -S but a different VM name ? Does the issue persist after a reboot ?


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