> What's the significance of said names?

None that I know of; I'm new to Docker so I might be wrong though.

> The issue here is that said id may contain to letters, effectivley
> looking like a number

..the probability of that being (10/16)^12, which isn't too high but still

> and that cannot be allowed due to jid/name
> confusion.

True; were it possible, I'd suggest naming them e.g. dkrXXX instead of XXX
to make it easier to understand that those are Docker-created jails and not
some abomination. In other words, seconded. But I suspect there could be
some reasons why that wasn't done this (obviously better) way...

> The bogus check with 0 is only a side issue, which may or may not make
sense to be addressed.

Well, it doesn't do what it's supposed to, so it should be fixed but I
agree it's definitely not urgent if Docker can be fixed to name jails more

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