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> Hello,
> For anyone interested I have submitted a PR to update the version of
> vm-bhyve in the ports tree.
> Primarily this fixes the off-putting, but completely benign error printed
> when users run 'vm init' (the very first thing to run...)
> I've no idea if I've got the diff format right though.
> Also adds various small fixes, and the following changes since the last
> ports version:
> Command to rename a guest
> Configuration options for utctime, hostbridge, disk options, debug mode,
> custom grub commands, virtual random device
> Snapshot and rollback commands when using ZFS
> Allows use of custom bridges and/or tap devices in addition to the normal
> automated networking
> Ability to specify a custom path for disk devices
> Guests can now automatically attach correctly to virtual switches if the
> real interface(s) (and thus the bridge) are using jumbo frames
> Template options to specify zfs dataset/zvol properties to apply when
> creating a guest (most useful for zvol volblocksize)
> New 'info' commands showing detailed guest/switch details including disk &
> network usage
> No longer replaces dnsmasq.conf, just provides a sample config for the
> user to apply if they want dhcp on a nat-enabled virtual switch.

If I statically define MAC addresses, is there a possibility for collisions?

I think it would be better to default to an auto generated permanent MAC.

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