Excerpts from Peter Grehan's message from Sun 04-Oct-15 13:11:
> As of r288524, bhyve has preliminary support to run Windows in headless 
> mode using UEFI firmware.
> Since it's headless, the install process consists of modifying the 
> Windows install ISO to include an 'unattend' XML script that automates 
> the install, and also inserting the virtio network driver currently 
> required by bhyve.
> This has been tested with 64-bit Windows Server 2k12r2 and 2k16 tp3, and 
> Windows 10. The server versions are recommended since they have serial 
> console support, whereas the desktop install is a black-screen experience.
> ISO repack instructions at:
>      http://people.freebsd.org/~grehan/bhyve_uefi/windows_iso_repack.txt
> Install/run instructions at:
>      http://people.freebsd.org/~grehan/bhyve_uefi/windows_install.txt
> Please give this a try and report back on how it goes.

Another report: Windows 2012 works perfectly.
FreeBSD 11-CURRENT on Thinkpad T430.

Also I was able to pass through USB3 controller to Windows. Thinkpad has
another USB2 controller which I kept with FreeBSD.


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