Excerpts from Anish's message from Wed 16-Dec-15 11:08:
> >Is there any way to "change" it when the guest is already running?
> You can specify at boot time, for example in vmrun.sh
>                 -s $(($nextslot+1)):0,virtio-blk,${isofile}
>  'isofile' is specified using '-I' argument
> $./vmrun.sh -I <ISO file> vm1
> Once system is booted, you will see two virtio-block:
> 1. vtbd0 -> Boot HDD
> 2. vtbd1 -> CDROM image or ISO file.

Yes, it is clear how to do at boot time. I'd like to be able to change
it AFTER the guest is up and running.

By the way, for Windows guest I'm using AHCI, not virtio (per the

... -s 4,ahci-cd,$CD ...

I don't see any device created (I'm not sure what's the possible name though).


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