Hi Peter,

Excerpts from Peter Grehan's message from Thu 17-Dec-15 18:23:
>  It should be a 'D' drive. Appended is a list from a w2k16 VM, with a
> FreeBSD ISO on the ahci-cd drive (so it isn't bootable). You can also view
> this graphically using Windows Administrative Tools -> System Information ->
> Components -> CDROM.

I think I haven't expressed my thoughts properly.

Everything is OK on the guest side. The cdrom device is working fine
in both Linux and Windows guests.

My original question was about changing the cdrom image in the
host when the guset is up and running - to make the guest seeing
a new disk in the virtual drive.

That's why I thought Anish mentioned devices created in the host
system (vtbd0), but I was wrong.

I was thinking about an idea to use a symlink to an .iso file in the
host before the guest is booted, then, if needed, to re-point the
symlink to another .iso file. But that doesn't work, of course.


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