Hi James,

Can someone please confirm that having EPT support in the CPU is not
necessarily enough to run Bhyve. I have an Intel Xeon L5520 (Nehalem
family) that supports EPT but when trying to run an VM, receive
My understanding is that the L5520 does not have support for
"Unrestricted Guest/Real Address Mode"  which was introduce with the
release of the Westmere architecture.

 Yes, that's correct.

I assume its a non starter without the unrestricted guest feature.

Mostly. You'll only be able to run single vCPU FreeBSD guests since they boot directly into 64-bit mode: everything else (including multiple vCPU guests) requires either 16-bit support or 32-bit non-paged protected mode, both of which are only available on Intel with the 'unrestricted guest' feature.


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