On 2016-01-26 5:03 pm, Sergey Manucharian wrote:
Hi Dean,

Excerpts from dweimer's message from Tue 26-Jan-16 08:26:
I installed some updates using Aptitude within the
Debian guest which promptly broke the VM.

Additional info is needed to help:
- bhyve command line you use to start the VM
- what error messages do you see stating that it's broken?


It was a while back I was running it, so I am not quite sure which method I had finally stuck with I worked through multiple different management scripts at the time before settling on the one I liked best. I tried at the time to manually run the VM without using the management script to no avail. It would start with no bhyve error on FreeBSD side, but when connecting to the console the grub boot loader couldn't find the kernel. It appeared to be a disconnect between the kernel upgrade within Linux updating grub configuration and the grub2-bhyve setup. Maybe it was just a one off issue and something went wrong during the Linux update and nothing to do with byhve. However at the time, I didn't have time to play with it and new I could get it working with VirtualBox.

Is there anything that normally needs to be done after a Linux kernel update to refresh the grub2-bhyve setup?
Its winter now, so I have some time to play with it again.
Unfortunately the old external hard drive I wrote a backup of the data to save until I had time to work on it again was too old, and doesn't want to spin up now, or I could provide the exact error information.

   Dean E. Weimer
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