Hi Matthew,
> What needs to be done with docker to get it running better on FreeBSD? Is
> there any place with a list of bugs or a todo list? I would be interested in
> getting it working better.

It's more like a list of things which work, many things that don't,
and a sea of things which 'sorta' work. Mainly because of this one
entry in 

>>> volumes - not working

It's a small benign-looking entry. Not in bold, not highlighted,
hidden deeply from those unaware.

Image building doesn't *really* work because of that, because the
resolver configuration and hosts file are, like, 'single-file mounts'.
So when you do a pkg install in the image-building container, you get
no address record. Jumping through some hoops, including
custom-generated Dockerfiles (what a crappy file format BTW), can
still get things done. You're left with jumping more hoops with adding
the volumes when you instantiate and start a container.

Problems indicated by kvasdopil: Docker is too much of a moving target
and his patches no longer apply to the latest, they change everything
all the time (e.g. network config revamping, etc.). That is a valid

Should I contribute to the whole thing? Too few people seem to care.

My questions are: Is anyone here interested in a patch which improves
container-building performance (I'm patching Docker but a similar
approach should benefit Jetpack)? Now, is anyone interested and
*competent enough* in fixing the volume problem?

Oh, and there's the whole port forwarding thing...

>>> port forward - ok

OK would be native support of a FreeBSD firewall, e.g. PF.  Please
don't tell me you like the userland proxy. That's partial support, and
the container access logs become useless...

P.S. Ryan wrote:
> I've since moved to Gentoo, ZFS for Linux, and Docker. Works really well.

That's exactly the attitude the current state of things provoke. Not
blaming you in any way. Docker in general sounds like 'run it anywhere
and pray it's the latest 64-bit Ubuntu' :)

Best regards,

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