Songs interesting! But I could not find any information regarding p9fs
state in FreeBSD and their protocol overhead.

Coukd you aim me to more details?


On Friday, 11 March 2016, Peter Grehan <gre...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> As we have support for ZFS on almost all platforms (I'm speaking about
>> Linux and FreeBSD) we could run ZFS subvolumes inside vm's without so much
>> pain.
>> So this approach looks very promising and I would like to talk about it ;)
>  To be clear on this: do you mean something like ZFS DMU passthru to a
> guest ? There's already host filesystem access to bhyve with NFS, and the
> p9fs patch.
> later,
> Peter.

Sincerely yours, Pavel Odintsov
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