Сергей Мамонов wrote:

Yes - zvols looks awesome. But what driver you use for it?


And what
about disk usage overhead in guest?

ufs on zvol is faster, either in the parent or a bhyve using virtio-blk, than zfs. at least for writing, which is my dominant work load. i expect that this is due to zfs's compression logic rather than anything having to do with creating/extending files to accommodate writes.

virtio-blk doesnt support fstrim (ahci-hd support it, but slower? "/At
this point virtio-blk is indeed faster then ahci-hd on high IOPS/").
In linux && kvm we try used virtio-scsi driver with support fstrim, but
how I see it not availble now in 10-2 stable for bhyve.
And I not lonely with this question -

i'm just going to live without fstrim until it's supported in virtio-blk. i know that this option isn't available to everybody, but at the moment storage is cheap enough to waste.

P Vixie
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