On 11.03.2016 15:50, Roger Pau Monné wrote:

On Thu, 10 Mar 2016, brahmann wrote:
Hi all.
I'm trying to run XEN on latest current as dom0.
Did all by manual: http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/FreeBSD_Dom0 (except compiling
from git, cant compile tools, so just used ports xen/xen-tools/xen-kernel)
And stuck with such an error:

Yes, using the ports (xen-kernel/xen-tools) is the recommended way, I
should update the wiki page in order to note this.

(XEN) elf_xen_addr_calc_check: ERROR: ELF start or entries are out of bounds.
Could not set up DOM0 guest OS

This only drops on console while xen kernel boots, all other strings are OK
according to manual.
Link to photo of speedy console log: http://imgur.com/a5b9CLE
If need details pls ask.

I've just noticied this issue, it's probably due to an issue with kernel
linking. It seems like the physical address specified in the ELF program
headers is wrong. I'm currently trying to bisect it in order to find the
commit that caused it, in the meantime I can confirm that r295683 and
older revisions should work fine.

Thanks for the fast reply, already has started normally on revision r295683.

Just to confirm, can you paste the output of the following command:

$ readelf -l /boot/kernel/kernel

With the non-working kernel?

Sorry, but this server already re-setuped to anpther project, i've did successful setup on other with r295683 revision.
If you still need this - i can setup on other server with latest CURRENT.

Thanks, Roger.

Anyway, thank you for help!

With Best Regards, brahmann

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