Russell L. Carter wrote:

On 03/19/16 20:13, Paul Vixie wrote:

root@vm1:~ # ahcich0: Timeout on slot 29 port 0
ahcich0: is 00000008 cs 00000000 ss 00000000 rs bfffffff tfd 50 serr
00000000 cmd 0001dd17
(ada0:ahcich0:0:0:0): WRITE_FPDMA_QUEUED. ACB: 61 40 70 dc 3a 40 00 00
00 00 00 00
(ada0:ahcich0:0:0:0): CAM status: Command timeout
(ada0:ahcich0:0:0:0): Retrying command

two questions:

why ada rather than vtblk?

No idea. I chose the default UFS selection in the iso installer.
Happy to change it to something better.

you're starting your bhyve with a -s that specifies the ahci-hd driver. the guest kernel therefore sees an 'ahcich0' device.

if you start bhyve with a -s that specifies the virtio-blk driver, then your guest kernel will see a 'vtblk' device.

this may matter, since the kernel timeout you showed was in the ahci driver. i have never used this driver in bhyve.

P Vixie
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