On Thu, 5 May 2016, Roger Pau Monné wrote:

> On Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 08:56:54PM +0000, Marcin Cieslak wrote:
> > > Certainly. I assumed that you meant it crashed the VM, not the whole 
> > > host. 
> > > Can you please provide the trace of the crash?
> > 
> > Apologies, forgot to let Xen keep VGA:
> > 
> > http://marcincieslak.com/tmp/xencrash.png
> > 
> > Manual OCR:
> > 
> > FreeBSD/amd64 (o.saper.info) (xc0)
> > 
> > login: (XEN) vmx.c:2464:d0v0 EPT violation 0x182 (-w-/---), gpa 
> > 0x0000010178f000
> Hello,
> I've been able to debug this and found the issue. I have two patches that 
> should be applied to FreeBSD in order to fix it, they can be found at:
> https://people.freebsd.org/~royger/privcmd_fixes/
> Could you please give them a try?

> I have however been unable to boot a Solaris 11.3 guest under PV mode, but 
> at least the host is not crashing anymore :).

Thanks, I can confirm that the patches fix the crash for me.
The half-life of PV Solaris is still under the microsecond.

Btw. I have managed to get gdbsx going by replacing "/proc/xen/privcmd"
with "/dev/xen/privcmd".

Indeed, the state of Solaris is pretty bad:

- Solaris 11.3 under HVM boots, but the installer complains there
  are no local disks (which is not true, even device nodes are there
  under /dev/dsk/ ... )

- OpenIndiana (OI-hipster-text-20160421.iso as HVM) hangs after printing
  out the kernel version message

- SmartOS (smartos-20160428T170316Z.iso) 
  seems to work at first, but after the initial configuration
  it cannot bring the network interface up because its link
  state is unknown (tried model=e1000 and the default Realtek):

    [root@master0 ~]# dladm show-phys
    LINK         MEDIA                STATE     SPEED  DUPLEX   DEVICE
    e1000g0      Ethernet             unknown   0      half     e1000g0



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