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Created attachment 170183
dirty fix

Attaching a dirty fix that changes vtnet_is_link_up() just to check the
IFF_DRV_RUNNING flag and also calling vtnet_update_link_status() instead of
setting sc->vtnet_link_active to 0 in vtnet_stop().

This is most likely wrong and breaks something, though at fixes the original

# fg
cat /var/run/devd.seqpacket.pipe (wd: ~)
(wd now: /usr/src/sys/dev/virtio/network)
# ifconfig vtnet0 down; ifconfig vtnet0 up
# fg
cat /var/run/devd.seqpacket.pipe (wd: ~)
!system=IFNET subsystem=vtnet0 type=LINK_DOWN
!system=IFNET subsystem=vtnet0 type=LINK_UP

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