Thanks Trent!

I found sometime (leftover time from a full-time work, a newborn and 
certificate study :/) today to give a try your advise. 

This is what I ended up with;
- assigning an static IP address to tap0 on the host machine
- assigning an static IP address to vtnet0 on the guest machine
- use pf(4) to forward traffic from tap0 to wlan0

This works, but, as you pointed out, definitely not the optimum way of doing it.

I updated the forum entity [1] I created previously, in the hope that that 
would be useful for some googlers (I have some couple of people having a 
similar issue)

From: Trent Thompson <>
To: Fehmi Noyan ISI <>; FreeBSD virtualization 
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2016 5:25 PM
Subject: Re: Cannot forward traffic over wlan0 with bhyve


I noticed in your forum post that you were trying to get a DHCP lease on your 
bhyve VM. Personally, I set my VM's over WiFi statically. I have written a 
quick guide to set this up on the iohyve wiki. It should work even if you do 
not use iohyve.

This set up may not be the most optimal, as it uses your host as a gateway, but 
it gets the job done for me. In the setup provided, my host (now a gateway) has 
an IP address of on the "hyve" network, and my FreeBSD VM has an IP 
of, and a Windows VM with an IP address of Note that 
I must set those IP Addresses statically inside of the VM for the internet to 

I hope you found this helpful, 
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