Hi Roman,

I've just tried to do a Fedora installation and it worked like a charm.

A couple of questions:

 * There was a limitation that AHCI devices must use slots 3-6. [1]
   Is it still there? If yes, any plans to get rid of it?

It's not a limitation for guests that can use MSI for AHCI. Older versions of Windows use legacy interrupts, but I noticed that 2k16 (and maybe recent builds of 10) are using now using MSI.

The real fix is to have more flexible ACPI DSDT generation from inside of UEFI, but that's a non-trivial project.

 * It *seems* that now it's OK to cycle a VM this way:

   host# bhyve ...
   guest# reboot # guest goes away
   host# bhyve ... # run it again

   Previously (with bhyveload) it didn't work (for me at least) without
   doing "bhyvectl --destroy". Is it safe now not to call "bhyvectl
   --destroy" before the second run now?

Yes, except for the case when you modify the amount of memory given to the guest - then you will need to delete prior to the run with the new config.



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