> > As far as I know UEFI supports ahci-* boot devices only. For the basic
> > UEFI support without GOP the AHCI devices needed to be mapped on slot 3
> > and 4. I don't know if that's still the case.
>   Depends on the o/s being booted - if it needs legacy interrupt 
> support, the only available slots with routing set up are 3/4/5/6.
>   UEFI operates in polled-mode so it has no constraints on it's own.

Ah okay. That's good to know. At least for the Windows 2016 case.

> > I've got working VNC access to a FreeBSD 10.3 VM. My Windows 7 install
> > disc starts up, but the mouse is not working. Keystrokes through VNC
> > give "atkbd data buffer full" errors. I'll open a new thread for that
> > if I can't figure it out.
>   XHCI isn't in Windows7 so you can just remove that config line, 
> pushing mouse input through the PS2 mouse.

That was a little bit strange, it seemed like the emulated ps/2 devices
just wouldn't work on a Win 7 VM. The "atkbd data buffer full" may be
an indication for not delivered interrupts or something like that.
After I've rebooted the host things suddenly started to work. Maybe
some kind of system inconsistency. It was some 11-CURRENT with about 4
weeks uptime.

It may be a good idea to add a note to the Windows installation guide
at https://people.freebsd.org/~grehan/bhyve_uefi/windows_install.txt
that Window 7 requieres AHCI disks with a blocksize if 512 bytes.
Otherwise the installation will fail with "Windows Setup could not
configure Windows on this computer?s hardware" and Windows Update will
bail out with error 0xc8000247.


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